SAT-7 TÜRK’s Careers program inspires teenagers to aim for a bright future. At a challenging time for Turkey, the show is helping viewers to thrive, not only in their spiritual lives but also in the workplace.

Unemployment in Turkey has risen by 1.6 percent in the past year, marking a seven-year high. Turkey is also home to three million refugees. The UN has praised the country’s efforts to host refugees and help them integrate into society. However, this endeavour throws up practical challenges, particularly in the workforce. With more people willing to work for less money, lower job availability is ultimately increasing unemployment.

Many young people in Turkey, on the brink of finishing education and beginning their careers, are wondering what options are open to them. Careers supports them by preparing them for what to expect from working life.


Inspiring the young viewers is Presenter Mehmet Ahif Kum, a well-known businessman.

“Christians should not only be successful in their walks of faith, but also in their careers.”

Kum has vast business experience as a member of the UN’s Chamber of Commerce, author of two books on personal development and management, and
a columnist for Bloomberg magazine.

After becoming aware of SAT-7 TÜRK, Kum pitched the idea of the program to the production team. “The channel has not approached working life from this angle before,” he says.

“With my background and experience, I want to encourage youth and prepare them for what to expect at the beginning of their careers.”


Twenty episodes have been planned, but it has been a challenge to find successful Turkish Christians willing to speak openly on television.

“Christian business people are not usually public about their faith. They fear being discriminated against, both professionally and in their private lives.”

Nevertheless, production has been in full swing. Kum filmed an episode with Nükhet Everi, a professional in the tourism industry who enjoys educating both locals and tourists about Christian sites in Turkey.

“Featuring a variety of successful guests inspires our young audience to dream big, and to stand firm in their faith while pursuing their careers,” says Programming Manager Cuneyt Arıkan. “God will provide the right guests to speak into our viewers’ lives.”

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