Moroccan Christians ask for prayer

SAT-7 is sharing prayers across the Middle East for the people of Morocco after a major earthquake in the heart of the country killed over 2,000 people, with many thousands more left injured, homeless, and grieving.

Much of the damage was done in the High Atlas mountain region, south of Marrakesh, making rescue efforts particularly complicated. Widespread damage of homes and infrastructure, and warnings of aftershocks to come, have left many survivors outdoors since the earthquake hit on Saturday (9 September), not knowing when or where they can safely lay their heads.

SAT-7 was able to make contact with our production team in Morocco, who are thankfully all safe. The producer, who cannot be named for security reasons, said:

“Thanks to God I am alive. My family are doing well, but we are all overwhelmed with the terrifying scenes of death and chaos around. Please pray for Morocco and pray for us.”

Like many Moroccans, the SAT-7 team members are concerned for the safety of relatives and friends across the country and are trying to make sure they are safe. The team recently filmed a new program, Parables of Jesus, on location in Morocco. It was the first production SAT-7 has made inside the country.

Calling for prayer

SAT-7 is using its different channels and platforms to call for and share prayers for the Moroccan people. From Monday evening (11 September), prayers from Christians in neighbouring Algeria are being shown on SAT-7 ARABIC and social media. This is a powerful witness of the unity and love between Christ’s people, given the historic tensions between Morocco and Algeria – two countries with no official diplomatic relations.

SAT-7 TÜRK is also showing solidarity with the people of Morocco by sharing prayers, and the channel’s flagship women’s program, Homemade, covered the tragedy as part of a special episode yesterday about natural disasters. The people of Türkiye are, of course, still reeling themselves from a devastating earthquake in their own country in February this year.

George Makeen, SAT-7’s Ministry Content Advisor, said: “Asking for prayers in support of the Moroccan people is an important early response as people need comfort, care and connection with others during times of disaster. People need to know that others care and feel for them.”

Several other SAT-7 programs will address the crisis in the coming days. Topical SAT-7 ARABIC programs Different Angle and You Are Not Alone will cover the earthquake in episodes going out live Tuesday and Wednesday respectively, with the latter conducting interviews with people on the ground in Morocco. Women’s program Today not Tomorrow will broadcast a special episode about the country later this week featuring the stories of Moroccan women, recently filmed inside the country before the earthquake hit.

On-going support

As in the case of other disasters in the region, SAT-7 intends to provide ongoing support, prayer and programming to help those affected by the earthquake. Makeen added, “We are also determined to deal with the aftermath, highlighting the needs of people who currently have nowhere to stay, especially as winter approaches. We will be there asking for prayers and support for the Moroccan people as they work together to help those impacted by the disaster. We will engage with those struggling to understand why God allows such disasters to take place, and where to find peace during chaos and pain.”

Please pray for:

  • Rescue services, as they seek to reach all those trapped and in need as quickly as possible.
  • Quick provision of emergency, food, water and sanitation for all those affected.
  • SAT-7’s ARABIC team as they seek to bring the Lord’s comfort to viewers through TV programs and digital media, across the affected region.
  • God to protect and comfort SAT-7 ARABIC’s partner production team located in Morocco.


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