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Millions of men, women and children living in 25 countries across the Middle East and North Africa tune in to watch SAT-7 programmes. These are just a few of our viewers who gladly welcome us into their family home.
(N.B. Names and pictures of faces have been changed for security reasons)

”I have explored SAT-7 TÜRK recently. I can’t find anyone to provide me with a Bible. Can you help me with that? I’ll be glad if you would. I also would like to receive some detailed information about Christianity. Thank you so much.”

A viewer in Izmir, Turkey


“God bless you all. I am an American expat living in Turkey; my wife is Turkish, and we have a daughter attending the university on the Black Sea. I am retired and live in Selcuk, where my wife is from and which is famous of course for the "House of the Virgin Mary", Ephesus and the Basilica of St John. I finally found your channel on our satellite showing nice Christian movies. Some bring tears to my eyes when I watch them, but I am glad I found your channel. Thanks.”

A SAT-7 TÜRK viewer


“I recently got out of prison; while there I made friends with Christians. I can’t describe the feelings I had while reading the Bible. I now consider myself a Christian. Can you help me get a Bible and connect to Christians in my area? I would be so glad if you could help me!"

A former prisoner in Turkey


"I am thankful for the way God uses you. God is preparing a heaven for you. No one dares to talk about the issues you discuss! We love and thank you for your service!"

Alev from Turkey


"I have been going to church for the last couple of months. In the past, I didn't believe in God, but recently I was baptised. My mother in law is not a Christian but quite religious and had supported me in becoming a Christian. We were both watching your channel when you invited us for a prayer. And she lifted up her hands and prayed with you. I was very surprised and impressed. You are making really good and effective programs. The Lord works in places you cannot always see."

Melis from Turkey



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