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Has God’s peace ever carried you through a scary or uncertain situation? Today, His peace is restoring the childhood of Syrian refugees traumatized by war.

SAT-7 is building positive relationships with House of Hope and other community organizations near our studios in the Middle East. Children at House of Hope and other refugees are watching SAT-7 programs like My School and Let’s Sing Together, designed prayerfully with their educational and spiritual needs in mind. Two weeks ago, Syrian refugee children appeared on the program Let’s Sing Together and opened up about their feelings and experiences. Their families fled the war to Lebanon, where the kids are now studying at the House of Hope School.

Sylvana, a 9-year-old, shares her favorite memory in Syria – playing in the family garden with friends. Sylvana’s childhood has been interrupted by war. When bombings began, she would run inside the house, shut the windows, and find a hiding place. Two years ago, she and her parents fled to Lebanon, leaving friends and extended family behind. Today we give praise, however, because like many children, she met Jesus for the first time after moving to Lebanon and is overcoming the trauma of war with His peace.

Rita Elmounayer, Chief Channel & Communications Officer and presenter of the beloved show Bedtime Stories, can personally relate. She grew up during the Lebanese Civil War. Rita says, “I recall only too well what it was like as a small child to feel afraid – all the time. We were too poor to even consider trying to leave Lebanon. We were trapped in a war zone.

My dad did his best to protect my sister and I, even shielding us with his own body as shattered glass from bomb blasts fell on us. On many occasions, my dad would try to help us to forget what was happening outside. He would bring a black and white TV set to the bunker where we were sheltering, hook it up to the car battery and turn it on.

Now, in my work with SAT-7, I often think of the frightened children who are watching TV today in a bunker or refugee camp, like I did. Many are trapped, from beyond the reach of aid and rescue workers. We can’t make the fighting stop, but we can bring peace to children of war and their families by making known the Prince of Peace. I can personally testify to experiencing the comfort of Christ’s peace within when war was raging outside. I’m sure that you, too – even if you have never been in a war zone – will have been touched by this peace which passes all understanding in the midst of a scary or uncertain situation, and know how precious it is.”