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“I started to learn about Jesus when I was only twelve,” said Salah, a viewer from Morocco. “Strangely enough, I used to pray in my own way to God without even knowing about Christianity, putting my hands together and using my own words. One day during my prayers Jesus appeared to me, but I did not know it was Jesus. He said, ‘Come into my house.’ I asked, ‘Where is your house?’ He answered, ‘The Church.’

“After some time we bought a satellite dish, and as I zapped through the channels, my eye was caught by the “First Arabic Channel for Christians in the Middle East and North Africa”… It was SAT-7. ‘This channel is for me,’ I said to myself. The programme was the kids’ show Sanabel with Rita and Sanboul. There was a quiz question about the founder of the Scout movement, and I knew the answer. But then my mother walked in and saw me watching the programme. She turned the TV off and forbade me from watching TV on my own. But anyway, I wrote to Sanabel without anyone knowing.

“One afternoon, I came back from school and no one was at home. I turned the TV on, but after a short while my mother came in and started screaming at me. But at that moment, Rita was announcing the names of the winners, and she clearly said my name. We were startled… After that my mother did not stop me from watching TV again.

“I received a package from SAT-7, and we opened it and found a T-shirt and a copy of the Gospel of John. My mother gave me the T-shirt and hid the Gospel. I kept searching until I found it and began to read it eagerly. The first words I read were, ‘In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God…’ Suddenly everything was clear to me… It needed no more explanation… He who appeared to me at prayer when I was younger is Jesus Christ, and He is the Way.”