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Millions of men, women and children living in 25 countries across the Middle East and North Africa tune in to watch SAT-7 programmes. These are just a few of our viewers who gladly welcome us into their family home.
(N.B. Names and pictures of faces have been changed for security reasons)


“May God bless your ministry, enlarge your tents and fulfil all your needs. We are praying for you. We serve in Sunday school in the Holy Land, and many kids follow and watch your programs here. We pray for Let’s Sing Together and for Marianne [the show’s presenter]. We pray in Jesus’ name for success, blessing and glory. Thank you for encouraging our little daughter; we pray in Jesus’ name that she will be a daughter of God as well.”

More praise for Let's Sing Together



“Thank you for this channel. I pray you will have continuous success that will lift and spread the name of our Saviour Jesus Christ, who said: ‘Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them.’ SAT-7 KIDS is such a help for us as parents in teaching our children. I am so thankful for you.”

Parents from Egypt



“I’ve got some good news for you, news that will lift up high the name of Jesus. I’m really pleased to tell you that my son who suffered from cancer in his spine made it through his operation, and he is now healed. He is walking now. Praise to the Lord who has answered our prayers. I want you to announce this on air and tell everybody that whatever they ask from the Lord in prayer, they will receive it.”

A SAT-7 KIDS viewer



“The topics you talk about on Let’s Sing Together are critical, and you really know how to communicate difficult information to children. This is quite wonderful. May God give you grace always to know how to share His Word with children. By the way, my whole family watches your program, including my mother-in-law.”

Let's Sing Together!



"When we face problems, we ask Jesus to calm the storm. He can silence storms, even the war. With Jesus I'm not afraid of anything."

Message from a child viewer in Syria