On 12 December 2019 SAT-7 KIDS celebrated 12 years on air with a special episode aired live through satellite and on social media. Presenter Milad Hadchiti interviewed presenters from previous SAT-7 KIDS programs who shared their best moments on the channel, and viewers called in expressing how their lives have been impacted.

“I love Marianne very much,” shared Sally, a SAT-7 KIDS viewer from Palestine. “She taught me through the program Let’s Sing Together about Jesus, and many songs.”

On a festively decorated set Milad Hadchiti – known from his previous role as presenter of the SAT-7 ACADEMY branded program Puzzle – sat with beloved presenters from various SAT-7 KIDS programs such as Layal from GPS, Marianne Awaraji from Let’s Sing Together, and Essam Nagy from Mr Know. Each presenter spoke about how their work with SAT-7 KIDS and their interactions with the channel’s millions of viewers has impacted their own lives.

An overview of the past 12 years of broadcasting on the channel was presented with clips from various programs, and viewers called in to express their love for their favourite programs and presenters.

Viewers of all ages express their love

Many viewers who watched SAT-7 KIDS when they were children and who are now adults, also called in.

“I have always loved watching SAT-7 KIDS since I was a child, and I still love to watch it. I’m now 19 years old, but age never stopped me from watching because I love anything related to Jesus Christ,” said Shahinaz from Algeria. “I wish for everyone to follow and support SAT-7 KIDS on social media to discover this great and beneficial channel. I thank all SAT-7 staff for their efforts. Merry Christmas to everyone.”

Comments poured in on SAT-7 KIDS’ social media platforms as well. One 26-year-old mother shared, “Happy anniversary SAT-7 KIDS! I used to watch you as a child and now I watch the channel with my children. We love its Christmas programs. May you continue to teach kids and adults about Jesus Christ. You are planting in the young generations very good and honest teaching.”

Hope and prayers for the future

“There are many important stages that shape a person’s life. As a child grows, reaching 12 years of age is a crucial transitory stage. That can also be said for our channel that has just turned 12 years old,” shares Andrea El-Mounayer, SAT-7 KIDS Channel Manager.

“My wish for SAT-7 KIDS in the next year is that we will be a light of what’s going on in the region. I pray that we can really make the viewers feel how much we are relating to them and how much we are there for them. I pray that God will continue to give us wisdom to know what to say to our viewers during these difficult times they are experiencing. And, I pray that these seeds that we are planting, God will water them and we will see a miracle.”

SAT-7 KIDS presenters and staff finish the special episode with a celebratory cake.
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