For believers in Turkey who are young in their faith, it is challenging to find worship songs that have not been translated – worship songs written in their mother tongue with which people can better connect.

Ethnic churches have remained in Turkey for over 2,000 years. Though the Christian population has decreased dramatically in the last 100 years, the Assyrian, Greek, and Armenian Christians remain. Worship and liturgy conducted in these churches are in the same, archaic languages they have been using for centuries.

Producer Can Yazırlıoğlu leads the ‘Psalmists’ group in song and discussion on the praise show

Psalmists fills this vast gap for many viewers. First of its kind on SAT-7 TÜRK, each episode hosts several musicians lead in song by Producer Can Yazırlıoğlu. He explains the inspiration for the program:

“We believe that this program will contribute significantly to the success of the channel as there aren’t enough hymns sung being broadcast on SAT-7 TÜRK and there aren’t enough shows about worship available to Turkish viewers.”

Between hymns, the presenters address different topics concerning worship such as: ‘What is worship?’ ‘Why do we worship?’ ‘Who do we worship?’

It is the only Turkish TV program that focuses on the musical and praise angle of Christianity, seeking to educate viewers about true worship as well as give them praise songs in their own language.


As Psalmists requires a large team on-screen to host the program and lead the worship songs, the production of each episode is a lengthy process. However, the SAT-7 TÜRK team are introducing this exciting new program to its viewers with a Christmas special.

The Christmas special features famous Christmas hymns translated into Turkish, including ‘Do You Hear What I Hear?’ and ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen’ as well as some Turkish songs about Emmanuel coming to Bethlehem. There is also a rendition of ‘Amazing Grace,’ which will be the first time many viewers have heard this powerful hymn in their own language.

As Producer Yazırlıoğlu aptly says:

“What better way to begin broadcasting a program about worship than celebrating the One we are worshipping?”

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