“I was rejected by my parents. They treated me cruelly…” Madelina describes her upbringing on the SAT-7 program New Eve.

Madelina, from South Sudan, felt less than worthy. She was the only girl among her many brothers and, so, her parents rejected her. For years, they oppressed her.

“I thought they weren’t my real parents because of their cruel treatment.”

Then an event near her home town changed everything.


Madelina was home when she heard the sounds of a gathering nearby. Curious, she went to see what it was about only to find a speaker in front of a group of people. The speaker was teaching on the topic of love, focusing on the famous verse:

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. – John 3:16

“I had no idea what he was talking about, but I wondered what that verse meant,” Madelina recalls. “The preacher quickly went on to explain that the Lord loves us even if others reject us.”

People at the event pulled Madelina closer to the front where the speaker asked all who came forward to forgive those who hurt them. At that moment, Madelina gave her heart to Jesus, praying “to see and feel His love.”


Sometime later, she moved away from her family. Yet, she continued to pray for healing for her family. As she found peace and love in Christ, she gathered strength and courage to call her family. When her mother answered the phone, Madelina was shocked.

“I called my mother and asked about her. She didn’t recognise me and began to cry when I told her it was me. [Then] I visited her and told her that I loved her. She continued to cry…”

Because Madelina learned to accept God’s love, she and her family were transformed. After her visit, Madelina watched as God reconciled her family.

“Now I am accepted by my family and they ask me to pray for them. I no longer feel rejected because I found peace and love in Jesus Christ. I love myself… I am a new person in Christ.”

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