Love Is… Giving Strength

In Iran, many believers cannot worship openly for fear of persecution. They must hide their faith, and often do not have contact with other believers or access to Christian resources. Yasimin*, a viewer from Iran, called SAT-7 to share her experience.

“Every time I feel weak and lonely, I call you, and every time that you pray for me, I am strengthened,” Yasimin*, a regular caller to the SAT-7 PARS team, shared.  

Listen to her full message in the video:


SAT-7 PARS exists to provide Persian-speakers with encouragement and support through 24/7 Christian programming and access to a dedicated Audience Relations team.

Hundreds of Persian-speaking viewers contact our Audience Relations team every month, reaching out for guidance, prayer, and support.  

As Yasimin explains, it is difficult for believers in Iran to find Christian resources and community:  

 “For all of us believers that want to connect with other believers it is very hard to do so. You are the only joy that I have right now…thank you for helping those of us who do not have access to any church or other believers.” 

When you give to SAT-7, you enable us to continue to produce and broadcast quality Persian-speaking programs, and provide valuable support to believers like Yasimin through our Audience Relations teams.  

 Give strength to believers like Yasimin today


* Name changed to protect identity. Image is for illustrative purposes.

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