Love Is… Giving Life

Derya* lives in Turkey and, like most of the Turkish population, she didn’t know a lot about Christianity. Her life changed completely when she came across SAT-7 TÜRK and started watching it regularly.

Derya called the SAT-7 TÜRK team to share her story: 

Derya’s voice message is a powerful testimony of how God is working on the hearts of those who watch SAT-7 TÜRK.     

“Since I have been watching SAT-7 TÜRK, I got to know Jesus,” Derya shares. “I can honestly say that I was resurrected with Him. I understand now what that means.”

“I have realised that I was dead before I knew Him. I was living, but inside I wasn’t. And now I know what it means to really be alive.”


Despite its rich Christian history, Christians now make up a tiny minority of Turkey’s populationMost Turks believe that Christianity is a Western religion and being a Christian is considered a betrayal of their country and national identity.  

SAT-7 TÜRK is a modern-day miracle in Turkey. Through its holistic programming, SAT-7 TÜRK works to dispel the misconceptions and misunderstandings of Christianity in Turkey.  

Isolated Christians across Turkey have access to a wider Christian community through SAT-7, and the Audience Relations team work tirelessly to be a source of support and encouragement to viewers like Derya. 


Give a gift that changes lives today



*Name has been changed for security purposes, image is for illustrative purposes. 

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