Love Is… Giving Comfort

On a recent episode of Family of JesusPresenter Melad shared a special testimony of a young girl’s perseverance and faith, and how the program has comforted her through some difficult circumstances. 

Marize, a young girl from Egypt, suffered a terrible injury, while filming a program with her ministry in a stadium. A screen, which was part of the setup, collapsed on her causing Marize to need an operation in her back.  


The accident happened in September 2018 leaving her paralyzed from the waist down. Despite doctors’ best efforts, Marize still has no use of her legs since then.  

“We pray for her and we talk with her to give her comfort,” says Melad. “We pray not just for Marize, but for others who need comfort and support; for those enduring difficult times and have yet to see their prayers answered.” 

As Melad urged viewers to pray for those who are waiting on the Lord to answer their prayers, he also shared how Marize was comforted by sending messages to the program through WhatsApp and sharing Bible verses. 


“She shared Isaiah 49:23 ‘you will know that I am the Lord, for they shall not be ashamed who wait for Me.’” Melad explained to viewers that the young girl has been praying and waiting on God for healing.  

Marize shares “we must wait on the Lord in faith because He will not abandon us.” 

Testimonies of perseverance are important to share on our programs, as they offer comfort and encouragement to millions of viewers, some that may be experiencing similar circumstances. And, sharing the story of this brave young girl will help other children and youth of the region feel empowered to share with each other, comfort and encourage each other.  

When you give to SAT-7, you are equipping the future generation with strength, endurance, and empowerment to face life’s difficulties and setbacks.  


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