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Lebanon: Our Story

The stories we tell play a powerful role in the kind of society we build.

About the project

Lebanon, Our Story seeks to tap into the power of storytelling in order to write a new, shared story for Lebanon, one based on openness, transparency, and accountability. The project was formed in response to poor civic engagement and social erosion driven by sectarianism, in particular, the effects of this on host communities and displaced people.


More about the project

The Book

The Lebanon: Our Story book brings together the stories shared by young people at the Storytelling Club, in both Arabic and English. The stories are vulnerable, powerful, and filled with hope.


Kamel's story

At the beginning of the year, in my first university class, we all began to introduce ourselves.

“Kamel,” I said. “Palestinian refugee.”

Eyes widened around me. Then somebody said, “What are you doing here? Haven’t you people done enough to us?”


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