New SAT-7 series Follow Me recently introduced viewers to Elia Maurice. He shared how he has witnessed God’s faithfulness through war, displacement, a kidnapping attempt, and a family tragedy that changed his life forever.

On screen, Elia is an unassuming man. One would never suspect his extraordinary life story based on his composure and his assured confidence in the Lord:

“God doesn’t make mistakes,” he says. “He has a great plan for our lives. Let’s fix our eyes on Jesus, not on our circumstances.”


Elia’s hometown of Ismailia, Egypt, was attacked when he was 14 years old. His family were internally displaced by the violence.

“Our neighbours’ homes were destroyed by airstrikes – my football friends were killed. Even when we fled to Minya, I couldn’t find peace of mind,” he remembers.

But Elia found security in his faith.

“God sent me a messenger of peace to quieten my spirit.”

Since then, Elia has been constantly reminded of the faithfulness of God. When he joined the army, he was the only Christian in his 1000-strong regiment.

“I used to spend my night-watches praising and worshipping the Lord. When He filled me with the Holy Spirit, God healed me from the anger problem that I had,” Elia says.

Despite his Christian solitude, Elia bravely shared his faith with his fellow soldiers and superiors.

Like Elia, the band on Follow Me declares God’s faithfulness through worship. Viewers are invited to join praising the Lord in their homes

Elia later met and married his wife, who is from Germany. But when the couple’s son was four years old, the family was rocked by a series of traumatic events.

In 1989, Elia was driving with his car full of charity donations when thieves violently attempted to hijack his vehicle and kidnap him.

“They demanded to know where I was going. When I told them I was distributing groceries to orphans, they took pity and left me. I returned home in a state of fear and anxiety,” he says.

Elia’s sister and brother-in-law were staying with them at the time. That night, the family agreed that if anything ever happened to either couple, the other parents would take custody and become guardians of their nephews and nieces.

The following day, Elia’s sister and brother-in-law were killed in a car accident.


The couple’s children, Christopher (7), and Philip (4), were injured in the crash. Keeping their promise, Elia and his family moved to Germany with his nephews. The move was hard on Elia – he spoke no German, had to leave his work behind, and had no work prospects ahead of him.

Both boys were traumatised. Every night, Philip woke at 4 in the morning crying for his mother. Elia took the children to several mental health professionals, even studying psychology himself, to try support them.

Eventually, his nephews began to heal. What helped the most, Elia says, was simply talking to them about their parents.


Through all the trauma, Elia testifies God’s faithfulness. Romans 8:28 states:

‘And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.’ The Lord turned their sorrow into a gift of empathy to help others.’

SAT-7 ARABIC hopes that Pastor Elia’s testimony will be a great comfort to viewers who are grieving or traumatised.

“God changed us and helped us console many other believers going through disasters,” he says. Elia is now a church leader, and Philip and Christopher are thriving. Philip is studying to become a pastor too.

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