For many people in Iran – those seeking to know more about Christ, lone Christians and believers attending or learning to lead the fast-multiplying house churches – SAT-7’s programs are a lifeline.

The social media app Telegram is the most important platform for SAT-7 PARS’ correspondence with viewers. Telegram is the only uncensored, legal, social media platform in Iran, with more than 20 million Iranian users.

SAT-7 PARS receives thousands of messages weekly from Telegram users asking questions and requesting prayers and teaching. One of SAT-7 PARS’ Audience Relations counsellors spoke about praying with the underground, isolated Christian community inside Iran:

“We receive all sorts of prayer requests about life’s daily issues: broken marriages, family relationships, sickness and disease, and drug addiction, to mention a few,” she says.


With God’s help, the team is overcoming the challenge of being physically separated from those they are interceding for, whether over the phone or through the Telegram chatroom. Our counsellor explains:

“I believe that social media is an anointed gift from God, it works very well. The benefit of using the phone or Telegram is that it is time efficient, which ensures we can pray with more people in our limited time. We can chat, give counsel, or pray with people 24/7 through Telegram. Although we are not physically present with the viewers who ask for prayer, we can sense the real presence of God. The work of the Holy Spirit is manifest in each viewer who contacts us, even though it is through technology! They recognise our authenticity and the level of care we have for them. It speaks to their hearts.”


In Matthew 9, Jesus says His disciples:

“The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, field.” (v. 37-38)

The SAT-7 PARS Audience Relations team on Telegram consists of ten part-time counsellors and moderators. With thousands of viewers contacting the channel every month, there is a huge need for more team members to serve the many viewers with the prayer and counselling they need.

Do you have what it takes to volunteer? We need:

  • Translators, fluent in both Farsi and English.
  • Farsi-speaking Christian mentors over 18 years of age.

Applicants must have a good understanding of Persian culture. Volunteers can work from any location. Please email

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