Each week during Lent, we’re praying for a different group of viewers. This week, we’re praying for The Seekers: People who are searching for Jesus and asking earnest questions.

The dream came twice in quick succession, so Behzad* knew it was important. “I dreamt that a hand reached out to me and a voice that was warm and kind said, ‘Come to me, my child.’”

Behzad was intrigued by the dream. He asked several religious teachers in his Afghan town what it could mean, but none of their answers convinced him.

“I forgot all about it until one day by accident, I came across SAT-7 PARS.” The presenter was quoting Jesus in Behzad’s own language, saying, “Come to me, all you who labour”.

“I remembered my dream and suddenly knew its interpretation, which made me want to know more about Christianity,” Behzad told SAT-7.

“I called SAT-7 and left a message and now I want to give my heart to Jesus Christ and become a child of the Lord.”

The SAT-7 team got in touch with Behzad to send him a Bible and pray with him. They are now in touch with him to answer his questions.

Viewers across the MENA, including many in the Persian-speaking world, are contacting SAT-7 with hearts full of questions about Jesus and the Christian faith. Let’s pray for these seekers, that as they search they will find all their longings fulfilled in Him.

Let’s pray for the Seekers…



Praise God that Behzad found the answers he was seeking. Pray for him today, that he will continue to grow in his faith.


Someone watching SAT-7 now may have burning questions, but have reservations about calling in. Pray that the Holy Spirit will prompt them to get in touch.


SAT-7 had 84,000 one-to-one conversations with viewers last year. Pray for the conversations that are taking place right now, that the Holy Spirit will be present and active in each one.


Broadcast today from 17-18:30, SAT-7 PARS live show Question Mark offers half an hour of teaching, followed by a whole hour dedicated to answering the many questions sent in by viewers each week. Pray that someone who is seeking will tune in to this week’s show, find the answers they need, and turn to Jesus.


Amin from Afghanistan called to say: “I’m from a different religion but I’m tired of the things I see and hear. I watch your television programs when I can. I have been to the local library but couldn’t find any books about Jesus and I didn’t want to ask because of the dangers involved. Please send me a book so that my children and I can study together.” Pray for Amin today, that he receives the resources he asked for and continues in his journey towards Jesus.


People’s questions, misunderstandings and doubts can keep them away from God – a problem that Pastor Vahan from Turkey seeks to address on his teaching program Beyond the Veil, airing today at 09:45. Pray that someone watching will start to overcome their doubts about God.


In a changing and confusing world, the Middle East’s young people are increasingly questioning the religion and beliefs they have inherited. Pray for the young people who are watching SAT-7 today, that their search for answers will lead them to “the way, the truth and the life” (John 14:6).

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