Each week during Lent, we’re praying for a different group of viewers. This week, we’re praying for The Scrollers: Social media users who are finding a safe haven in SAT-7’s online platforms.

Taline felt stuck. Though married with children, the economic crisis in Lebanon meant her family couldn’t afford a house of their own, so were forced to live with her parents and brothers. Feeling robbed of her independence, and with her emotions and relationships worsening, Taline turned to SAT-7 on social media.

“Our living situation is negatively affecting the upbringing of my children and my relationship with my husband,” Taline shared. “He is not ready to find another house to move to because of the financial situation. We don’t get along any more and I’ve even thought about divorce.

“I don’t know what to do. I am not happy,” Taline confided. “I’m always angry and in a state of despair and depression.” The team from the SAT-7 Family page on Facebook got in touch with Taline and told her about God’s good plans for her and her family. They prayed that God would make a way for her to have a house of her own.

Taline felt so supported by their response that she posted on the Facebook page encouraging other viewers to get in touch. She said she had gained the strength to overcome her problems.

SAT-7’s social media pages are providing a safe haven, particularly for Arab women, to freely share their opinions and burdens, and receive private counselling and support. This week, let’s pray for “the scrollers” – those who scroll through and engage with SAT-7 on social media – that Jesus would stop them in their tracks.

Let’s pray for the Seekers…



Pray for Taline in Lebanon and thank God that she had the courage to reach out to SAT-7 online. Ask Him to provide her family with a house of their own.


Pray particularly for isolated women who are joining in online conversations today on SAT-7’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Ask that they will discover a sense of community, belonging and self-worth.


SAT-7’s social media followers are people from vastly different walks of life – praise God that so many are engaging with the content. Pray for those with questions to receive timely answers.


Amany got in touch on Facebook to say: “What really touched me is the peaceful language you are using, which helps us think clearly. Thank you for the rational thoughts you bring.” Pray now for the staff and volunteers running SAT-7’s social media pages, that they will continue to be instruments of His peace.


As you read this, someone may be scrolling through Facebook looking for something to watch – pray that they stop and engage with a SAT-7 video, and that it will encourage and challenge them today.


After Amar was given the advice she asked for on Facebook, she was amazed and said: “I cannot believe you cared enough to answer me!” SAT-7 received over 16 million engagements on Facebook in 2021. Pray for all who began their journey with SAT-7 in this way.


SAT-7 PLUS is the MENA’s first Christian video ondemand and live streaming service. Pray for those who are watching on SAT-7 PLUS right now, that the Holy Spirit will speak to them through its content.

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