Mary was overcome by grief. Three days earlier, she had stood by the cross as her Lord was crucified. Now, she had come to visit His tomb, only to find the stone rolled away and His body gone.

Through her tears, she saw a man standing nearby – but she didn’t know who it was. Until a voice she knew pulled her from sorrow to sudden recognition.


The voice of the risen Jesus, calling her by name, cut through Mary’s distress and opened her eyes to who He was.

Over the last 40 days, we’ve been keeping watch and praying for SAT-7 viewers across the MENA – people we will never know or meet. But Jesus knows them. He is meeting with them. And He is calling them by name.

“Yahya. Bahar. Jad. Behzad. Taline. Parmida.”

His call cuts through their circumstances, their questions, their pain. The same Jesus who healed the sick, welcomed children and washed His disciples’ feet is still transforming people’s lives across the Middle East today. And His commands to them, and to us, are unchanged:

“Follow me. Take heart. Believe in me. Go and tell.”

This Lent, you’ve answered the call to watch and pray. We know that He has heard our prayers, and trust that the Holy Spirit has been at work, drawing people closer to Jesus and bringing them resurrection joy.

On this Easter Day, our final prayer is that wherever you are, whatever you are facing, you too will hear the risen Jesus calling your name – and follow Him.

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