Despite its small size and lack of natural resources, Jordan, officially the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, plays a significant role in the Middle East, lying between Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq and the Holy Lands. Jordan is named after the Jordan River, historically believed to be the site of Jesus’ baptism. Last month, as part of his tour of areas of the Middle East, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, prayed at the River Jordan and called upon Christians facing rejection and turmoil not to abandon the roots of their faith.

It is SAT-7’s desire to serve the whole of the region, making the gospel available to everyone in the Middle East and North Africa and providing the local church in the Middle East with an opportunity to witness for Christ through inspirational, informative and educational television services. Our studios in Lebanon, Egypt and Turkey produce a wide array of biblically inspired programmes for all ages, but we cannot have studios in every country. SAT-7 therefore works with a range of local partners, drawing on the expertise of other media companies, to produce exciting and innovative Christian television shows.


In Jordan, SAT-7 works with Dana Productions to broadcast two children’s programmes on our dedicated children’s channel, SAT-7 KIDS. Colours is an interactive show which teaches the basic truths of Christianity that pre-schoolers can understand, using a colourful mix of music, animation, dance and stories. Book in a Playroom is presented by two children, Yasmina and her brother Shojaa. In each episode, based in their playroom, they play with a doll who tells them Bible stories and answers their questions. The programme also makes use of specially-written songs, which summarise each story in terms of practical application or the reinforcement of a biblical teaching point, such as loving our enemies. An exciting development for 2017 is the launch of a new free mobile phone/tablet app to accompany Book in a Playroom.

Dana Productions also produces Men’s Talk, a men’s magazine show tackling some controversial issues, on SAT-7 ARABIC. In airing some topics that Middle Eastern men would not normally discuss openly, it offers unique support and allows men to apply biblical concepts to aspects of their everyday lives. Past topics have included work ethics, domestic abuse, pornography, death and grieving, and leadership. SAT-7 is currently working on plans for a new season of this show in order to continue its influential work. “Men of all ages and backgrounds tell us the show has really made a difference”, says the producer.

“We end always with a message of hope…by saying ‘God is the solution, God is the provider, God is faithful.’”

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