“Jesus changed my life completely: I have a new heart”

*Shawky felt lost and angry as his family struggled financially. It eventually led to drinking and violence. Until a car accident brought him close to death.

Shawky*, a SAT-7 viewer in Algeria, recently appeared on the Algerian program Free Souls Shawky describes his feelings of desperation as he watched his family struggle. His family is large but poor and finding a job in Algeria is difficult. So, when Shawky lost the job that his uncle found him, his resentments toward his family grew.

And so did his drinking. Shawky would drink and wander the streets at night. This forced his family to stay awake all night to prevent him from leaving the house. But, one night, he was able to sneak out. That night changed everything.

Driving home from a night of heavy drinking, Shawky lost control of the family truck. It took a sharp turn and fell off the edge of a cliff near his home where his family watched helplessly. The truck split in two as it fell and the family thought Shawky was dead. Yet, he wasn’t. Shawky miraculously survived with minor injuries and some cactus thorns all over his body.

That experience changed him forever. After the accident, Shawky recalled a conversation he had with workers at his brother’s company; a conversation about Jesus. That conversation opened his heart and the accident brought him to Jesus. Now he is committed to sharing his testimony with others.

“Jesus Christ changed my life 100 percent. I have a new heart.”


*Name changed

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