Is it Important to be Christian?

This thought-­provoking new show is inspired by a fundamental question asked by many believers at some point in their lives. Is it Important to be Christian? invites questions from viewers and provides answers about the principles of the Christian faith.

“Most of us adults have been missing out on a continuous spiritual education since we were children, ” says Father Ramzi Jreij, the show’s Presenter. “We grew up, but our knowledge did not evolve.” In response to this, SAT-­7 produced Is it Important to be Christian? to help Christians work through uncertainties and questions that may impact their lifestyle choices.

The catechism program is part of SAT-­7’s strategic goal to offer support for the Church in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa). Its vision stems from Pope John Paul II’s initiative to unite the Church with “the new sermons”. Father Ramzi explains, “By ‘new’ we do not mean new information or new religious thoughts, but the renewal of values that are ageless.”

The show promotes tolerance and acceptance through interviews that give voice to the thoughts and questions of a wide range of people, from compassionate Christians to people with intolerant views. Each episode addresses a sensitive topic related to the original question “Is it important to be Christian?” Father Ramzi concludes the episodes with a recap including relevant verses and stories from the Bible.

Jesus’ existence on Earth provided us with truth that never becomes old news. We always learn something new.
Father Ramzi Jreij

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