Having fallen into an affliction that affects nearly 3 million Iranians [1] –  substance abuse – *Mani was suffering severe mental health problems and in desperate need of help. 

“I had been in a bad state,” he said. “After 10 months of addiction to drugs I developed psychological problems that lasted four years, but instead of being given medical treatment I was taken to clerics. But things got worse, to the extent that I was being tormented continuously by evil spirits and I saw death approaching.”

Things started to change for Mani, an Iranian man in his mid-30s, as he learned about Christianity from watching SAT-7 PARS. “I understood that the true word of God is in the Bible,” he said. “I didn’t know much about Christianity, but I grew in my understanding and I became a Christian.”

However, Mani still longed for freedom from the psychological and spiritual problems that were haunting him. “I had been mentally ill since the age of 25, smoking a packet of cigarettes a day, and evil spirits kept whispering in my ear that ‘Jesus will be defeated’. Those were very difficult days.”

There was no one dramatic turning point for Mani; he believes it was God’s ongoing kindness that led to his healing. “God was so merciful to me,” he reflected. “I was a believer, and the Lord had given me the gift of prayer. He saved me, and I am now 36 years old and feeling much better… The Lord healed me of so many things.”

Life now is not without its difficulties, admits Mani. “I am still a little troubled and have to take antidepressants.” But his outlook on life is different, and he is now filled with thankfulness: “Thank God who is everywhere and loves us.”

Mani expressed his gratitude for the role SAT-7 PARS’ Viewer Support team has played in his journey. “Thank you for being there for us and praying and interceding on our behalf,” he said. “May the Father’s peace envelop your spirits, and may He walk close to you. May your thoughts and actions be rooted in the Holy Spirit.”

> Pray that Mani will continue to go from strength to strength in his life and faith.
> Pray that many more Iranians will be freed from drug addiction and come to know the living God.

[1] United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

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