Thousands of believers in the Persian-speaking world face discrimination and persecution, often suffering in silence and alone. Even their names and faces remain anonymous for their own safety. But we have the privilege of connecting with some of them.

One of these believers, Nisha*, has the gift of teaching. A Pastor inside Iran – who knows Nisha and wishes to be unnamed – tells us her story: 

Once she got hold of a Persian Bible, she just couldn’t stop talking about it. She digested the information by talking to people about it. She got her sister, friends, and neighbours together to tell them about what she read.

She then started watching satellite TV programs. That gave her more information, more knowledge of the Word of God, and about who Christ was.

Because she’s in a wheelchair, she has a lot of nervous energy. She did a teaching on fear at a private gathering. She said, ‘There is nothing to fear but the fear of the Lord. That’s the only thing you have to be concerned about.’

Nisha is a testament to what Solomon writes in Proverbs, “The righteous are bold as a lion.” She has everything to lose. She risks arrest, interrogation, imprisonment, getting fired from her job, and maybe even death. Yet she boldly professes her Christian faith.

Keep praying for Nisha, and believers like her, who count on SAT-7 discipleship programs as they strive to know and follow God under intense pressures.

*Names and photos have been changed for security purposes.

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