Women across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) face many difficulties and restrictions, ranging from societal oppression to severe physical abuse. A combination of male domination in society, traditional cultural pressures, and a lack of empowerment can leave them feeling worthless.

When I visit SAT-7’s studios, I am proud to see the high value that many of our producers,directors, and presenters place on giving women a voice. They care about our female viewers, and they want to listen to them. During our many weekly live programs, women can call us to ask questions, receive guidance, or share their stories and spiritual journeys with us. Our message to these women is that, no matter the background they come from or the circumstances they are enduring, they can become successful, achieve their dreams, and be a positive influence in their communities and societies. We tell them repeatedly that they are special in God’s eyes.

SAT-7 wants to inspire and equip women of all ages. Not only does this make a huge difference in women’s lives, it also enables them to impact the next generation of leaders and achievers. By helping to equip parents and caregivers with the knowledge, wisdom, andpractical skills to raise their children, we play an integral role in changing the future of the MENA.

Investing in women, their families, and their children, is a vital part of SAT-7’s work. It is a key puzzle piece in our greater vision for a peaceful, developed Middle East and North Africa. Join us in prayer for the women of the MENA, that they may realise their potential and see themselves through God’s eyes.

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