Many viewers grow up with our children’s programs and say how their lives have been influenced by them. Moussa* in Morocco, for example, started watching after he began praying to God as a 12-year-old.

Moussa received a very clear answer – he had a vision of Jesus inviting him to “come to my house”, the Church! His parents tried to stop this but when Moussa discovered SAT‑7, he knew “This channel is for me!”

He regularly watched our first children’s show, As Sannabel. So he wrote to the program and was thrilled to receive a t-shirt and the Gospel of John. Now, in his 20s, Moussa continues to follow Jesus and works in media and a Moroccan charity.

Popular SAT-7 KIDS program “AS News”

As Sannabel (“Ears of Wheat”) was a 15-minute children’s segment in the channel’s first Arabic broadcast on 31 May 1996. Twenty years later, a spin-off programme, As Sannabel News (or AS News) is the network’s longest-running show. “Ears of wheat” is an affectionate Arabic term for children because, like the crop, the next generation are shooting up and represent the hopes of their families.

Please consider donating to SAT-7 KIDS so that more children, like Moussa, will experience God’s fulfilling love.

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