A young Syrian woman who grew up with SAT-7 KIDS is living proof of the channel’s lasting positive impact. Sarah Rose, who devotes her time to serving others, credits the Christian broadcaster with helping her develop her faith and strong values – even as she spent her entire adolescence in a warzone.

“My channel was SAT-7 KIDS. Only SAT-7 KIDS. I didn’t watch another thing. So, everything I do today, I learned from SAT-7 KIDS,” says Sarah Rose (20). Today, Sarah’s faith and Christian values are strong, and she particularly has a heart for children. She works in a centre for displaced or orphaned children in Damascus, Syria – where she uses SAT-7 KIDS shows in her teaching – and also works with children at her church.

Sarah began watching SAT-7’s children’s programs when she was four years old. She loved the preschool program Colours and the worship show Let’s Sing Together. But it is the channel’s original songs, as well as its first-ever variety program, Ears of Wheat (As-Sanabel) that have stayed with her the most. “I remember these two things really helped me spiritually,” she says. “They stay in my mind, and I’ve kept them with me as I’ve grown up.”

When she was confronted with less healthy influences, Sarah says, this foundation of faith saw her through. “I was learning about love from my friends at school, but not in the right way,” she says. “And it hurt me. I remember when I was around 14 years old, I said to Jesus, ‘I want to go deeper with you. I want to learn the meaning of love from you, not from the world.’ So that was when I started my journey with Him.”

Today, Sarah shows Christ-like love to the children she works with. “My wish is for them to have a better life. To be happy. To know Jesus,” she says. “I always pray for them, that they would know Him and how much He loves them. Because they really need love.” It is because SAT-7 KIDS had such a positive impact on her own childhood that she uses the channel’s current programs in her work. Sarah also works with vulnerable parents at the centre, showing them how to discipline their children with love, not violence. “This is another of my dreams,” she shares, “to help families with parenting.”

Now, Sarah’s younger siblings watch SAT-7 KIDS, and she sees how the programs still light up children’s lives. “I see kids when they are waiting to see these programs. They say, ‘Today is The Greatest Friend!’ And they sit on the sofa and wait for The Greatest Friend or A Riddle and a Story. And not only small kids – even the teenagers love them so much. They are filled with joy.”

Even as her country’s future remains uncertain, Sarah is filled with hope. God has also given her a heart to work overseas one day, perhaps in an African country, and although her exact path is not clear, Sarah knows she will continue to show His love to others. “One of my dreams is to be a mother to orphaned children,” she says. “And I always pray, ‘God, you prepare me for this. You teach me. I remember the days God woke me up and I started praying and crying for children in Africa, even though I didn’t know any of them.”

As she looks to 2020, Sarah’s faith is unwavering. “I believe the new year will be even more beautiful than this year, because I can see God’s grace and the beautiful things He is doing,” she says. “He is always surprising me.”



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