This Christmas Eve, SAT-7 KIDS will not only tell children the nativity story – it will show them a living example of Jesus’ heavenly peace. In a special live show hosted by beloved Presenter Essam Nagy, viewers will meet three children who have all endured great hardship – and who nonetheless simply radiate pure joy.

The inspiring show will be called A Christmas Like No Other – and viewers will certainly have seen nothing like it on SAT-7 KIDS before. Instead of the channel’s usual colourful surroundings, the show will open with a darkened set. The only light will come from a nativity scene, which will be lighted one element at a time.

This will also be the first time that the Christmas message will be presented by children themselves. And, Essam says, “The children on set are very special children – very, very special.”


Anwar, Bashar, and Sarah live in a children’s home in Lebanon. Their stories are both heart-breaking and inspirational – each one a triumph of light over darkness.

Anwar was found sleeping in an empty, abandoned bus. At nine years old, he had been trafficked from war-torn Syria and exploited by his captors before managing to escape.

Bashar is from Syria, too – the six-year-old moved to Lebanon to live with his father after his mother died of cancer. But it proved impossible for Bashar’s father, a migrant worker, to provide for his two sons while also taking care of them, so the family could not stay together.

Nine-year-old Sarah, meanwhile, has never known her father. He was from Cote D’Ivoire, but because he cannot be found, Sarah has no legal status either in Lebanon or in her “home” country, which means her future is in jeopardy.


These children come from different backgrounds, but they have one thing in common: they all love Jesus, and they have found enduring peace in Him.

“They truly are so full of joy,” says Essam. “When you talk to them, you realise they are leaving everything to Jesus. When we read in the Bible, ‘I was lost, but now I am found’, this is exactly the sense you get from them.”

As the children tell their stories, Essam will explain the parallels between their lives and the life of Jesus. Young viewers will be able to call in to the show and speak to the children. Viewers will also get a chance to speak with Essam – previously known as Mr Know from the hit program Why is That? – who they will be excited to see after an 18-month break from their screens. They can also win prizes by answering Christmas-themed questions.

At the end of the Christmas story, Anwar, Bashar, and Sarah will join in the nativity scene, playing the wise men. Each has been asked to bring something very important to them – one plans to bring his glasses – and they will act out offering these as gifts.

Then, the children themselves will each receive a special present. “I want to show them, ‘You have given Jesus the best thing in your life, and now it’s His turn to give you what you need,’” Essam says.


As well as being an encouragement for Anwar, Bashar, and Sarah, Essam hopes the program will give hope to children in similar situations and show SAT-7 KIDS viewers the true meaning of Christmas.

“I would like viewers to see that it is not our circumstances that give us a happy life. When we see these three children, they have nothing – nothing that other children have. But they are so joyful and so loving. They radiate the true meaning of peace and joy and hope.”

“There’s no hope without Jesus,” the presenter continues. “It’s as simple as that.”

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