Inspirational visit to Egypt for SAT-7 Europe and Asia Director

SAT-7’s Executive Director of Europe, Asia and Pacific, Kurt Johansen, visited Cairo from 11-16 January 2023 to meet with SAT-7 staff in Egypt, to consolidate existing networks, and to build relationships with new contacts.

At SAT-7’s Cairo studio, Kurt was inspired by watching the production of New Light, a live program for young people sponsored by Lutheran Hour Ministries. The program engages its viewers in discussion of contemporary issues such as the proper use of social media, delivering direct spiritual messages and linking biblical teaching to life. He also gained new insights into many other SAT-7 programs through discussions with the team.

Another visit was to Maggie Morgan, producer of the new program Today Not Tomorrow, which is part of a Gender Equality and Freedom of Religion or Belief project run by SAT-7 and supported by Norad via Digni and the Norwegian Mission Society. Kurt attended the team’s brainstorming session and was especially impressed by their focus on women in poor, rural areas and on promoting a biblical view of women’s role in Church and society. The program is taken round the villages with a studio set on the back of a small truck!

Kurt also had a very positive meeting with the Danish ambassador to Egypt, Svend Olling, who recorded a 30-minute interview for SAT-7. He was familiar with our ministry and excited about our plans to encourage creation care, promising to think of ways to support our programs. “Building relationships with diplomats is a very effective way of expanding our ministry,” says Kurt, “as the embassies have many contacts to offer us. It might also generate support for some of our projects!”

Kurt gained a new insight into the life of the Church in Egypt in the Coptic Cathedral in Cairo and at a memorial to recent Christian martyrs. He says, “I understood the role of the Church as salt and light, persevering even under massive discrimination and sometimes persecution, but staying faithful, proclaiming that faith, building new churches, and even willing to be martyrs for Christ.”

During his stay, Kurt was also able to fulfil a personal dream of visiting the famous Anafora monastery, established in the Egyptian desert in 1999 by Coptic Bishop Thomas as a retreat and conference centre. He heard the bishop sharing moving stories of Anafora’s ministry, which includes a school for over 200 poor and illiterate boys and a practical commitment to creation care through waste recycling and home-grown food.

Kurt also enjoyed talking to ordinary Egyptians in the street and meeting some SAT-7 viewers among them!

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