SAT-7 PARS is supporting girls and women in Iran and Afghanistan through Insiders, a new live chat show. The show’s four presenters provide a Christian perspective as they help women work through their problems together.

Although many women in the Farsi-speaking world can access secondary education, their place in society is far from equal to that of men. As a result, many educated Iranian and Afghan women are in need of an open forum to discuss the issues they face. Moe Pooladfar, Insiders’ Producer and Director, explains:

“There is a great need for a talk show for intelligent discussion among educated Iranian women, and this is an opportunity to bring many interesting issues to the table. There is very limited programming on Iranian television for women and their problems.”

A varied host panel

The weekly program is for women of all ages. To help this varied audience relate to the topics, the four female hosts all come from different backgrounds.

Tarrlan is a single young woman who also speaks Azeri. Her three co-hosts Nasrin, Sally, and Hengameh are all married. Nasrin has no children, Sally recently gave birth to her first child, and Hengameh has two children. Because of their varied life experiences, each host brings a unique perspective to the discussion.

A judgment-free platform

Unlike other SAT-7 PARS talk shows that focus on theology and doctrine, Insiders tackles the day-to-day issues that women talk about with their friends and on social media. Topics range from deeper, more complex issues, such as abortion and mental health problems, to questions such as:

• What characteristics does your child look for in their future partner? Are they the same attributes that they see in you as a parent?

• Is it acceptable to lean on your child for emotional comfort?

• How soon is too soon for a widow to re-marry?

Moe says, “We want to help create a culture where different opinions are heard and not pre-judged. Insiders is a platform where Farsi-speaking women can speak out, be heard, and be guided by our presenters into biblical truth.”

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