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“I love SAT-7 KIDS programs so much! In the past, I couldn’t forgive. After watching an episode about forgiveness, I decided to pray daily to Jesus and ask Him to fill my heart with a forgiving spirit, as He teaches us in the Bible,” shared a young viewer from Lebanon in 2015.

Would you like to see more children grow in, and be transformed by, God’s message of love? Would you like to be a part of changing more lives through wholesome programs that teach Christian values such as hope, forgiveness and appreciation for each other’s differences?

This December we invite you to celebrate with us the 10-year anniversary of the first Arabic-speaking Christian children’s channel in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Over the years we have seen how God has used SAT-7 KIDS and its programs to impact young lives. With the region in turmoil, we recognize that the Children of the MENA need God’s love and transformational message now more than ever.

We ask that you please consider giving an anniversary donation, so we can continue broadcasting life changing programs for children. Many parents express to us that their children are safe in front of SAT-7 KIDS. Help us continue to offer this haven for Middle Eastern youngsters to learn and grow.


For less than 1 Euro one child can watch SAT-7 KIDS every day for a whole year.

For 50 Euro you make it possible to equip our counsellors to talk with our viewers when they call.

For 100 Euro you help us to reach children with good quality programs in the most remote areas such as refugee camps.

Thank you for your prayers and support