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The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) have long been plagued by deficits in quality education, social development and healthcare. The current refugee crisis has only magnified these pre-existing issues. Be a part of SAT-7 ACADEMY’s mission to holistically and positively impact communities and lives in the MENA.


Over 13 million children are out of school across the region. Violence and instability jeopardise their futures and leave them vulnerable to the perils of poverty, child marriage, and radicalisation. They are desperate for good leadership and role models.

Lack in social development has led to a frustrated, aggressive, and repressed society in the MENA. A holistic approach is needed to help people gain the skills and knowledge to lead fulfilling live, address their aggression, and to be more accepting of others.

Health and well-being is a challenge for many people. Their struggles range from malnutrition, untreated diseases and infections, and they lack the knowledge to address these issues. For a society to prosper its citizens must be healthy in mind and body.

SAT-7 ACADEMY’s holistic programming aims to meet the needs of the Arabic-speaking world in education, social development and health. Through carefully designed programs the channel seeks to touch everyone in the region by encouraging tolerance, teaching critical thinking, inspiring lifelong learning, and fostering creativity.

“We must invest in education that teaches not only knowledge but tolerance. If we do not, those who teach conflicting values will prevail. We have seen the consequences – radicalism, extremism, and insurgency. We need to act now.”
Rita Elmounayer, SAT-7 CEO Designate  


SAT-7 ACADEMY is serving the MENA by providing creative programs that help address the region’s most prevalent issues. The channel relies completely on donations and the generosity of supporters. It costs less than €1 to bring life-changing education to one viewer, 24/7, for an entire year! Give now and be a part of bridging the gap to change the future of the Middle East and North Africa.