Turkish women still face discrimination and oppression in a country that has moved in recent months from democratic to autocratic. The program Homemade is inspiring women across the country by introducing them to successful Turkish female professionals. Homemade aims to empower women through activities in their daily lives.

Broadcast two hours every weekday, Homemade also features homemade crafts, cooking, and interviews with a medical doctor.

The program’s motto is, “If we can do it, you can too!” Its objective is to help women realise their full potential and believe they can succeed at whatever they put their minds to.


Producer Deniz Çolak wants to encourage women to develop skills to boost their confidence. Cooking, jewellery design, book recommendations, and events and theatre news are some of the topics Homemade will cover in workshops, conversations with artisans, and street interviews.

“Women in Turkey are often prevented from pursuing their aspirations because they feel insecure and lack confidence,” explains Deniz. “By including workshop segments in the program and informing viewers about social institutions, charities, and foundations that focus on the use of home materials for the creation of homemade crafts, we are broadening our audience’s horizons and helping them dream big.”


Rape, honour killings, and child marriages are all too commonplace in contemporary Turkey. Women continue to be held back in the family, socially, in the workplace and, in some regions, in education.

“We are speaking to Turkish women who have become lawyers, doctors, psychologists, and researchers,” says Deniz. “We want our audience to be inspired by these courageous women, who stand on their own two feet despite the struggles they have faced.”

The presenters and guests talk about women’s issues and give biblically inspired counsel during the show. “Speaking about these issues will help us show God’s love to more people. If we can touch just one person’s life, it will have been worth it,” explains Deniz.

You can do your part to in building up women in the region by supporting SAT-7 programming. Even just €1 will provide one year of programming to one MENA viewer! 

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