Azraa from the Nineveh Valley in Iraq told SAT-7 how she and her family – like thousands threatened by the militants – had to flee to Iraqi Kurdistan.

With tears welling up in her eyes, the young girl said: “We used to wonder why God did this to us and why we were forcibly displaced. Why did He allow this?

“But we found out it was the opposite and that God cares for us… He did a lot for us and protected us from Daesh.”

Azraa described how her family had “lived a life away from God”, but when they went to Kurdistan, they were welcomed by a church that gave them shelter and looked after them. The witness of the church family made a great impression on the youngster.

She said: “They used to pray and praise a lot and sing and clap happily. I could see a lot of change going on and liberation. I prayed to God saying, ‘God I want to change and be liberated too.’”

God heard Azraa’s prayer and brought transformation to her life. His love and forgiveness enabled her to forgive the terrorists who had forced her to flee her home.

Azraa told SAT-7: “I thought I was a good person because I did good things. When I came to know the Lord, I realised that this was wrong and that I did many wrong things, but God forgave me. The same goes for Daesh: God is willing to forgive them.

“I forgave Daesh because they are sinners who don’t know God.”


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