For some in Iran, following Christ means persecution or death. Yet, for Masood*, following Christ is well worth the risk. Masood previously felt that life had little substance to offer, saying that he lived in a “purposeless, fake world.” That is, until he found a Bible and SAT-7.

“Since I started to watch SAT-7 programs and got in touch with Pastor Shariyar, I consider myself a follower of Christ – not just verbally, but with all my heart,” Masood wrote SAT-7 via the Telegram messaging app.

Since Masood has found Christ, his life has changed drastically.

“I no longer feel the need to lie, gossip or use deception to further my ways. Something inside me keeps me from returning to my old way of doing things. Every time I am tempted to do something bad, the Holy Spirit within me says, ‘You don’t need to do that anymore. I will help you.’”


God provided Masood with peace. It is a peace that has come through his perseverance.

“Three years ago, I felt as though I was under lots of pressure. I was not happy.”

Masood wanted answers to his feelings of emptiness, depression, and unhappiness. Forsaking his beliefs, he continuously searched for a Bible in Iran. When he eventually found one, he began his search for Christ. But, without adequate knowledge, Masood felt unsatisfied. Then he found SAT-7.

“A few months ago, I was flicking through the TV channels and I found SAT-7 PARS. Principles of Faith was on. The host was talking about Christ and explaining how to connect to God. I became more and more interested in your programs.”

“Later, I contact you on Telegram and it was an honour to chat to Pastor Shariyar. It was there I found the real way of life. I asked him to help me and he sent me the pdf copy of the Bible and other few books through Telegram. I immediately started studying them.”

Through SAT-7, Masood found hope – he found Christ. There are countless more like Masood, whose lives have been impacted by SAT-7’s programs. Thanks to your support, our satellite network has been blessed with the ability to reach millions with our programs, apps, and counselling centres. Join us in praising God for His blessings and provisions so that we can those are desperate for hope.

*Name changed, image for illustrative reasons

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