DENIZ ÇOLAK SAT-7 TÜRK Production Assistant

What does your role with SAT-7 involve?

I do many things as the Production Assistant: from buying props needed for different sets to going through scenes and set directions with the program director and producer. I also coordinate the production crew when the producer is unavailable.

Why do you like working with SAT-7?

I studied film, so working on production sets is a dream come true! SAT-7 TÜRK is the best place to learn new skills: you get involved in projects you never thought you would, with a team that are like a family.

SAT-7 is unlike any other TV channel. We don’t just produce a program for the sake of the program. One day, in a meeting planning different productions, we started feeling overwhelmed by all the projects we needed to complete. Suddenly the phone rang. A lady living in an isolated part of Turkey, an area with no churches, was on the other end. She was crying, pouring out her heartfelt thanks. She said we are her only source to God’s Word. She blessed us and said that of all the television channels in Turkey, we were the ones broadcasting hope and truth. I immediately began crying. We are still in contact with her today: She calls after every live prayer program to thank us.

That’s the reason I love working at SAT-7. Even if we touch
one person’s heart, it is enough to be proud to be part of His work.

Tell us a little about your spiritual journey so far.

I love our team prayer meetings. It is so exciting to be surrounded by spiritual people: whenever I have questions they are more than happy to answer and help me grow.


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