Nobody knows what SAT-7’s viewers in the Middle East need better than they themselves do. So when our audience members talk, our channel teams listen – and thanks to helpful feedback from viewers like Gladys from Lebanon, SAT-7’s programs get better and better.

Gladys (70) was thrilled to speak to the SAT-7 ACADEMY team recently.

“I really like your programs because they make me feel comfortable,” she says. “They do not contain loud or inappropriate content. On the contrary, the content is very rich and beneficial, and this makes me glad.”


The variety of educational programs, produced by the SAT-7 ACADEMY team, means viewers of all ages can enjoy multiple shows that cater to their different needs.

Gladys watches the channel “constantly” and is always on the lookout for new programs.

“Even if I’m flipping between channels, I always go back to SAT-7 ACADEMY again, to see what program they are broadcasting,” she says.


One of Gladys’ favourites is Are You Sure, which promotes healthy parent-child relationships and helps family members play an active, supportive role in children’s education.

She also likes Health is Important, a short, new show produced with Care Plan health clinic in Lebanon. The program helps viewers maintain a healthy lifestyle, discussing topics such as good hygiene, eating a balanced diet, and common medical issues.


Gladys shared some helpful comments about Health is Important.

Although she likes the tips provided, she says, she would prefer if more information could be given on each issue, with clear guidelines provided. “When the episode ended, I didn’t know what actions we should take,” she shared.

Viewer feedback helps SAT-7 ACADEMY improve its existing programs and develop new ones. Thanks to comments like Gladys’, SAT-7 ACADEMY’s programming can be tailor-made to meet viewers’ needs.

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