In Sudan, a country often ranked among the world’s worst for gender equality, many women are deprived of their rights. Now, a new SAT-7 ARABIC show provides a platform for their voices to be heard. Hosted by three female Sudanese presenters, Woman and Mirror is giving women hope by showing them their true worth –reflected not in a mirror, but in the Bible.

Gender discrimination in Sudan begins in childhood. The country has one of the highest rates of Female Genital Mutilation in the world – 87 percent of women have been cut[1]. Then, a quarter of Sudanese girls stop attending school early on in their secondary education[2]. Girls can legally be married at ten years old.


More than a third of Sudanese girls are married by 18[3], and forced marriage is commonplace. Marital rape is not a crime. Heartbreakingly, 34 percent of Sudanese women believe that a husband can be justified in hitting or beating his wife[4].

These social norms tell women their gender makes them of lesser value, and this can be very damaging for their self-image. Many have no hope for anything better for their lives, simply because they are not aware that it is possible, or that they are worthy of it. SAT- 7 ARABIC’s talk show, Woman and Mirror, aims to reverse this – by showing viewers their true, priceless value, and encouragement to reach for a better life.


“In an ordinary mirror, a woman will only see her external reflection,” says Producer Hany Henein. “But in the mirror of the Bible, she’ll see her true self. We try to help women see themselves through the eyes of our Lord Jesus, who values and respects each and every one of them.”

The show helps viewers find solutions rooted in their Christian faith to feel worthy and hopeful for better circumstances for their lives. Since the presenters speak in simple classical Arabic as well as the Sudanese Arabic dialect, women across the wider region can benefit from the teachings on family life, parenting, and spiritual growth.

 “Just as we eat during the day to make our bodies strong, our spirits need prayer to be strong,” shares guest Presenter Theresa Naqouth.

Programs such as Woman and Mirror give women across the Middle East and North Africa hope as they find their value and self-worth in God. By supporting SAT-7, you help us share God’s love with even more women.

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