It is difficult to define religious freedom in Morocco. On the one hand, the Moroccan Constitution “guarantees the free exercise of worship for all.” On the other hand, the law does not allow Morocco’s estimated 4,000 to 8,000 local Christians to attend the approved churches.

In situations like this, most Moroccan Christians adopt the view that “discretion is the better part of valour”! David, the Moroccan presenter of Worship in my Home on SAT-7, says some live as isolated, secret believers while others meet in small house groups.

“Fear is still the enemy of believers in Morocco”

Authorities rarely arrest them because they know Christians represent no danger to society, David says. Nevertheless, some believers attend meetings irregularly “for fear of reprisals from families and authorities. Fear is still the enemy of believers in Morocco,” he adds.

Therefore, to encourage believers in these house churches, the sixth season of Worship in my Home is now being produced.

Modelling a home church with guests on Worship at Home.

David explains, “We invite isolated Christians in North Africa to join us and, at the same time, we give an example of how to organise a simple worship occasion in people’s homes.”

Although the series is filmed in Paris, its set resembles a comfortable North African home. Over 13 episodes, David is joined by guests and a musician leading worship in a traditional style.

In a simple, conversational format, the program addresses the spiritual and wider cries of its North African audience. Viewers also learn about prayer (Does God listen? How do I know?); about healing, and about the authority of the Bible. Issues of war and terrorism and the everyday realities of high unemployment, poverty, poor healthcare and limited freedom.


Concerning these challenges, “We first of all help our audience understand real faith and the power of prayer and worship,” David explains.

“We also offer them our friendship and caring. We give them examples of the providence and intervention of God in the lives of men and women in the Bible and in everyday life today. We depend totally on the Lord to bless our viewers and strengthen them in faith, hope and love for His name.”

Jawhara, Yahya and Driffa, guests on “Worship at Home.”

As North Africans grow in their relationship with Christ, others are noticing.

An Algerian viewer explained that big changes in her attitudes had prompted questions from her family and old friends. They were amazed as they knew her as an unstable person and asked what had happened. She told David:

“Brother, there are situations where you cannot hide any longer because it is not your words but your acts that are speaking! Praise the Lord that fear disappears when you open your mouth to confess the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.”


SAT-7 produces a growing number of programs for Morocco and neighbouring North African countries. Those in Moroccan dialect include Home Church, My Daughter and I  – a fast-moving and entertaining program modelling positive family relationships – and The Mask – short, thought-provoking messages for youth that use comedy and biblical wisdom to address issues and beliefs that shape everyday life.

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