“I love film-making. If I am not at work for one day I get withdrawal symptoms,” says Petros Mohseni, Director of the new SAT-7 PARS series Herbal Tea. The love Petros has for film-making is surpassed only by his passion for the welfare of young people.

That is saying something, considering that he has worked in visual media since fifth grade. His enthusiasm is contagious as he explains the motivation behind the series: “As people who have been given much it is our responsibility to reach young people. Time is short as the Bible tells us. We don’t know how long we have been given and the workers are few. Every hour counts.”

Herbal Tea, a new youth series on SAT-7 PARS, focuses on young people in Iran. Each of the thirteen episodes features a real-life story and zooms-in on the factors that contributed to things going wrong in a young person’s life.

The love program Director Petros Mohensi has for film-making is surpassed only by his passion for the welfare of young people

Researching the stories took a year and, of the forty cases identified, thirteen were selected for filming. The issues are explored in some depth with reference to Biblical teaching and psychology. The areas highlighted for discussion include sexuality, anger, addiction and suicide.


The Persian title of the series, translated as Herbal Tea, aptly implies a wholesome infusion bringing healing and comfort.

“We wanted to have in-depth analysis and to be able to put ourselves in the shoes of young people,” explains Petros. “We wanted to avoid looking down on them as if from a position of moral superiority and to see how families and society, as well as the young people’s own mistakes, contribute to breakdowns in young lives.”


The series has arisen from a real concern for young Iranians. This is reflected in the desire to ensure that we hear and understand them as they speak about the issues they face.

Perhaps as we come alongside them they will see the love we have for them and will be moved to want to find out just why it is that in the midst of a sea of indifference someone cares.

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