In Türkiye, where high-quality teaching resources are lacking, SAT-7 TÜRK wants to show that following Jesus is not a theory; it is a way of life that requires full participation.

New live program Practising Discipleship, hosted by Pastor Cem Erçin and Serli Balık, functions as a workshop where viewers not only learn about the Bible but also understand how to practise it in daily life. The program covers various topics that form a road map, helping Turkish Christians understand how God is calling them to live and how they can apply the Bible’s wisdom.


Practising Discipleship, on air every Thursday throughout Türkiye, recently covered the topic of Christian identity. Questions such as “How should a Christian live?” and “What are a Christian’s responsibilities in society?” were answered by unpacking Bible passages like Jesus’ meeting with Zacchaeus.

Zacchaeus’ choice to give away half his wealth, as Cem Erçin pointed out, emphasises the kind of open-handed generosity that characterises those whose hearts have been transformed by the Gospel. Pastor Cem went on to explain that embracing a truly Christian identity involves loving our neighbours as ourselves and giving generously to those in need.

Another episode dealt with the topic of forgiveness. The presenters encouraged viewers to live this out, pointing out that as people who have received forgiveness from God, we are called to forgive others. Like all aspects of Christian faith, forgiveness is not a concept to theorise about; it is a value to be lived out.


Most seekers in Türkiye face a long and difficult journey to an active Christian faith, having to work through numerous misunderstandings and negative perceptions that are prevalent in their culture. SAT-7 TÜRK viewer Alican recently shared his journey to faith with us:

“I wish I had come to faith earlier, because we have always been given a very wrong understanding of Christianity and a lot of misinformation,” he said. “I come from a non-Christian background, but after much research and reading, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. I thank the Lord that after I became a Christian, I changed a lot; the Lord made me a completely different person.”

SAT-7 TÜRK hopes that programs like Practising Discipleship will help many more viewers like Alican find a living and active faith. “Your resources also helped me in my research and later in my life of faith. I love your programs and the films you broadcast. May the Lord bless you and your ministry,” he added.


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