The SAT-7 ACADEMY program Your Doctor equips refugees and displaced persons with the knowledge to handle medical issues teaching them to “be their own doctor” and helping them to help themselves.

The huge outpour of refugee and displaced people into other countries of the Middle East, has found some of these host countries unprepared for such numbers. This situation, and the needs that come with it, have inspired SAT-7 producers to provide special programming for refugee and displaced people.

Living in dire conditions for lengthy periods, refugees are susceptible to emergency cases, contagious diseases and accidents. SAT-7 produces a special program for refugees to help them help themselves in emergency cases or health related issues.


In 65 episodes, Your Doctor, Dr Hany Kelada provides health advice for the viewers in under 10 minutes. The program will be broadcasted on the new channel SAT-7 ACADEMY. The short clips will also be available on social media for refugees that don’t have access to television sets. According to Producer John Adly, it is helpful to be available on social media, especially for refugees in European countries.

The program discusses medical topics such as heart and circulatory system, first aid, emergency, mental health, and prevention.

“In every episode, we always say to the viewers “you are your own doctor”, we encourage them to watch, read and understand about the basics of disease prevention and protection. We also provide them with information aimed to help them help themselves,” Adly says.


American Board certified, Dr Keylada, is the presenter of the program. He is an expert on refugee matters and has served as a physician in war countries such as Syria and Iraq. He also provided medical assistance to the victims in the 2013 sit-in of Rabaa Square, in Egypt.

He teaches refugees how to survive in certain conditions and how to treat a number of medical emergencies in the absence of a professional physician. He gives training to churches in the US and Egypt on emergency and first aid in case of terrorist threats.

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