Many children in the Middle East and North Africa are growing up without learning to show tolerance to those different from them. This gives them little chance to challenge extremism, or to become peacemakers in their divided, unequal region. But we can change this – and SAT-7 KIDS is making a program that will.

Compass will help children explore the world around them and look at life from other perspectives, just as a compass shows all directions.

But first and foremost, the life-giving new program will show young viewers that God loves them – enabling them, in turn, to develop empathy and see others through eyes of love.


“When we make an impact in people’s lives, it shows in their reactions to others,” says SAT-7 Lebanon board member Archbishop Boulos Sayah. “It is a great thing to model open, loving tendencies and respect for others, including for their religion.

“This has a powerful effect on both adults and children – but especially on children.”


The new program’s important themes – including freedom, prejudice, extremism, and security – are explored in a variety of friendly, upbeat ways.

At the show’s heart will be a drama in which children navigate the challenges of daily life. As they follow the story, viewers will also enjoy watching a hands-on science experiment or craft, “meet” different Bible characters, and benefit from worship song and prayer segments.


Since many SAT-7 KIDS viewers receive a very limited school education, two more segments will teach them about topics they might never otherwise access.

In each episode, viewers will learn about one new country and one “unusual thing” – a special topic that reveals “secret” knowledge about anything from geography to cinema to outer space.


Each 25-minute show will weave these elements together in innovative ways that hold the attention of children aged 10-12.

For example, in a planned episode about guidance, the young characters in the drama are lost and struggling to make sense of a map. They reach a special place – God’s presence – where they learn they will no longer need their map, because everything in all directions is for their good.

As this theme is explored, viewers will also have fun learning how to make their own compass and learn from a science report about wind direction.

They will meet a Bible character who followed God’s guidance, then learn about a country the historical character visited, such as Egypt. Then, the “unusual things” segment will teach them a little-known amazing fact about ancient Egypt.


By offering something for every child, Compass will broaden viewers’ minds while teaching overarching truths. Most importantly, they will learn that God loves them, and that they can love others, no matter their differences.

Archbishop Sayah explains that this message is what enables Christians to make a vital difference in the region. He says:

“The Christian presence here is always important. But today, when there is radicalisation, it is important to remember the message of Jesus Christ.”

“It is the most important message for the Middle East at this time,” he continues. “Because the world always needs love.”

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