Every Christian knows the power of worship music to uplift and inspire. Middle Eastern believers are no different – and they need to hear songs in their own languages. SAT-7’s music programs enable viewers to praise God in their own homes, encourage Christian unity and can help bring communal healing.

“This is truly an amazing program that I love. It has helped me in my life in many ways. The Lord has spoken to me and changed me through it many times – if not every time.”

These words came from a viewer of Keep on Singing, SAT-7 ARABIC’s popular live worship show. SAT-7’s music programs have a special power to touch viewers’ hearts – partly because songs and poetry have long held an important place in Middle Eastern cultures.

As well as worship programs for adults and children, SAT-7 shows quality music video clips and live recordings of Christian concerts. These broadcasts communicate the message of God’s love and help viewers respond in praise.


For some viewers, SAT-7 is a vital source of Christian music in their own language. Churches in some countries face a general shortage of Christian resources, including music that was originally written in the local tongue. Some isolated believers cannot attend services at all.

Other Christians can access music in a language they can understand, but not in the dialect they speak. SAT-7 aims to fill this gap with programs such as Our Salvation is in Him.

The SAT-7 PARS show, which features worship songs and testimonies, is the Farsi channel’s first broadcast in the Tajik dialect.


“There is a need for programs in the heart language of Tajikistan,” says Mikael Tunér, the show’s Director and Producer. “Audiences feel a sense of familiarity and belonging when a presenter speaks in their mother tongue.”

Another such program is the simple music, and teaching show Our People on SAT-7 ARABIC. The show’s presenter speaks in an Upper Egyptian accent that feels familiar to viewers from several North African countries, and the worship music is inspired by Upper Egyptian culture.

Over on SAT-7 TÜRK, Psalmists not only provides Turkish-speaking viewers with Christian songs in their own language but also offers teaching about the value of praise and worship music.


Music can also help bring Christians from different backgrounds together. Andrew Gamal, who produces several SAT-7 ARABIC music programs, aims to showcase musicians from a wide variety of countries and denominations.

“If people like what they hear and see Jesus in it, they realise that all denominations are expressing truth in their own ways,” he says. “Music is a universal way to talk about Jesus.”

For example, Keep on Singing has twice hosted the Candlelight Choir, an inspiring, multicultural Sudanese group who sing in multiple dialects and styles.


After a traumatic event, music can also be a powerful aid to communal healing.

In response to the deadly bombing of St Peter and St Paul’s (“Botroseya”) Church in Cairo, Egypt in December 2016, SAT-7 released a poignant music video of the song “Heavenly Church”.

Inspired by Romans 8, the song declares that nothing can separate us from God’s love or stop us passing on His love and forgiveness. The video has been viewed almost 65,000 times on YouTube.

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