Healing wounds: new season of flagship show offers comfort and strength

Flagship SAT-7 program Homemade is back for its eighth season at a time when viewers in Türkiye are still reeling from the country’s devastating earthquake earlier this year, and in great need of the support and help the show provides 

February’s 7.8 magnitude earthquake was the largest to hit the country since 1939 and claimed over 50,000 lives. The aftermath left deep wounds but also brought an opportunity for reflection, healing, and community building.  

A Season of Resilience  

Türkiye is on high alert as experts warn that a major earthquake could hit Istanbul any time. Launched in September, the latest season of Homemade – SAT-7 TÜRK’s longest-running live show – is addressing the pressing questions in viewers’ minds. An earthquake expert is appearing on the show every two weeks to address their fears of a further disaster. 

Şemsa Deniz Bakir, the program’s presenter, said, “We want to discuss the terrible earthquake we experienced, share the details, acknowledge the mistakes made, and most importantly, explore what we can do moving forward. The wounds are still fresh, and we want to ensure that the truth remains alive.” 

Comments shared by Homemade viewers on Facebook suggest that the program is generating an intimate, growing community. In response to the launch of the new season, one viewer wrote, “May God give you strength in every struggle, wisdom in every decision, and peace that passes all understanding. May God mend what is broken and make it into something wonderful. May He support and bless you.” 

Testimonies of Hope 

As well as addressing issues of national pain, Homemade also creates space for personal struggles to be shared, and highlights the transformation that faith can bring.  

Commenting on her approach as a presenter, Şemsa said, “I talk to [the audience] honestly about my troubles and things I have received healing from. I share my love for the Lord, my mistakes, and my joys.” She believes it is this sincerity and warmth that has kept the show thriving over more than seven years. The program receives around 20 questions per episode, which suggest that it is engaging with viewers in a consistent and healthy way.  

Some viewers have met Jesus as a result of watching the program. The Homemade team collaborates closely with local churches to provide new believers with the support and guidance they need.  

One of the most poignant testimonies from the new season came from Murat*, a young man who lost three toes in a workplace accident. He became embroiled in a legal battle as his employer refused compensation. Shouldering the responsibility of caring for his family alone, he found himself on a quest for spiritual clarity. 

Murat began watching SAT-7 TÜRK programs like Homemade and Encouragement Hour. In his longing for healing, each episode became a source of solace. Murat could see God’s love more clearly now, and he made a life-changing decision to become a believer. Today Murat is seeking to walk in faith, and he is preparing to travel to Istanbul to meet the Homemade team, who continue to offer him guidance and support. 

A mother whose son is battling cancer also reached out to the program for spiritual support. The message of faith communicated through Homemade rekindled her hope, and she is now an active member of a local church, drawing strength and comfort from her faith community. 

In a context of uncertainty and adversity, Homemade shows the transformative influence of faith and community in the lives of people in need of hope and healing.  

Please pray: 

  • Pray for the Homemade team as they continue filming the new season, for wisdom and inspiration as they seek to bring comfort and strength to viewers 
  • Pray for those in Türkiye who were affected by February’s earthquake, and also those who fear another disaster, that they will know the Lord’s peace and healing.

*Name changed for security

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