Hannieh, a young Iranian woman, contacted the Audience Relations Team at SAT-7 PARS several times. After trusting in Christ she faced unemployment and family pressures. Eventually, she felt overwhelmed and was plunged into the depths of depression, until God answered her cry for help.

Young Iranian woman (stock image)

“I would like to thank you for all your prayers for me. I came to Christ about four years ago. However, due to some problems in my life, I was very depressed. I lost my job, I had an emotional break down, I had also some problems with my family and all these problems made me very hopeless.”

On one occasion, Hannieh says, “I went to the beach and I wanted to kill myself.”

“I was very disappointed,” she continues, “and one day I cried out to God asking ‘Why do not you show yourself to me? I cannot even see you in my dreams. You know how I am feeling and that I want to end my life. Please, please help me.’

“That night I had a very wonderful dream. I was with God and I was walking with Him and talking to Him. And then after a while, He told me that you need to go to the earth and serve my people. I told Him that I do not want to go to earth; I want to be with you all time. He said you will come to me one day but this is not the time.

“So when I woke up, I felt very excited and very happy. I got new strength and I realised that I need to serve him. I want to thank you as well as you prayed for me in my most difficult time.”


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