In a message on the 25th anniversary of the channel, a woman shared a personal message of her lifelong journey and long-term relationship with SAT-7.

“I would like to wish you all a very happy anniversary and I pray wholeheartedly for many long years to come. I am lost for words. I keep your channel on all day long. No matter what I am doing throughout my day, I keep on benefiting from your programs,” she said. 

In her message, she added that she started watching SAT-7 KIDS as a young girl and later followed SAT-7 ARABIC as an adult.

“You are not just a channel broadcasting some programs. There are people behind the scenes who work hard to serve us with programs for all life stages,” she said. 

This Egyptian viewer has seen a plethora of SAT-7 programming over the years and still finds relevant things to watch. 

“I am so grateful for each program, presenter, cameraman, and for all those behind the scenes, I really thank God for you all. What I like in SAT-7 is that those serving [the ministry] are from different Christian denominations and are one in Christ. This is the message of love,” she said. 

She prayed that SAT-7 continues in wisdom and strength with the Lord’s guidance.  

“One of my dreams and wishes is for me to meet with the SAT-7 people. I hope to see you in the Egypt studios.” 

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