It’s impossible to know exactly how many people SAT-7 has reached. But when our viewers contact us directly, we get a glimpse of who is on the other side of the TV screen. This time, an Iranian woman named Mahsa* called to thank SAT-7 for supporting her as she mourns the death of her only son, Naveed.

Naveed was participating in a protest at his university when a security officer hit him hard on the arm. Unknown to Naveed at the time, the arm injury triggered a heart problem. He went to the hospital in severe pain, but it was too late.

Full of fear and anxiety, Mahsa went to a nearby church and wept and prayed during the service. Even though she was clearly not a Christian, the congregation was very welcoming, and the pastor asked why she was full of sorrow. He and the congregation prayed for Mahsa and her son, who passed away the same day. Mahsa reflected on the fact that Naveed was not in suffering or pain anymore.

Since the loss of her son, Mahsa discovered SAT-7. She began watching the programmes and praying with SAT-7 Audience Relations counsellors. Now, she testifies, “I know that Jesus Christ is the ultimate truth and I love him.”

The pain of losing a child is unlike any other. Still, Mahsa has found a way to move forward in life. She says, “During the past four years, there has not been a day or night that I haven’t mourned and wept for my son. But, ever since I repented and gave my heart to Jesus … I sleep a lot calmer at night and wake up with such peace in the mornings. Slowly, I understand the will of God regarding my son and I am ever so thankful to God and you for supporting me through this.”

*Name changed and stock photo used for security reasons

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