Every day, SAT-7 goes beyond the obstacles of persecution to broadcast God’s love directly into the homes of millions of Middle Easterners and North Africans who experience this kind of maltreatment on a regular basis.

As Onsy Morris, a SAT-7 UK Trustee, recently shared, “With SAT-7, you don’t have to go anywhere; the church is there for you. It’s fantastic!”

Together, we are there for the Christians of the Middle East and North Africa: For Coptic Christians facing uncertain times as violence against them escalates. For people who are trapped in Syria or Yemen confronted with the real possibility of death. And for Iranians, many of whom are forced to worship in secret. Together, we go beyond persecution, as one of our programs demonstrates. SAT-7 PARS is airing a unique program rightly titled Beyond Persecution, sharing the personal testimonies of believers who have faced insurmountable situations. For all those who face religious  oppression and violence  in the Middle East and North Africa, SAT-7 is a support network in a way that Morris describes perfectly:

“What I adore about SAT-7,” Morris said, “is that SAT‑7 makes God’s love the core issue. The only thing that will conquer violence is love.”

By broadcasting God’s eternal, sovereign, and perfect love, as revealed in the Bible, to a potential 300 million viewers, we are helping them heal and thrive after enduring persecution, all to conquer violence and other forms of oppression. In the next couple weeks, we will explore how SAT-7 is doing this throughout the Middle East and North Africa in countries like Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Turkey, and Iran where at least 25 million are watching. So stay tuned to learn how your support is transforming communities through the love of God.

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