Shamiram, a Syrian refugee, shares with SAT-7 her testimony. Her family saw horrible things, underwent periods of poverty, and survived battles in Aleppo, Syria, yet, Shamiram kept her faith.

Before the war, everything was normal. And, for some time afterwards, life retained its ordinary rhythm. “We lived a normal life in Aleppo despite the war.” But then, the battles reached Shamiram and her family.

“It was beyond the works of fiction…” Shamiram shared quietly on an episode of New Eve. Filmed jointly by SAT-7 and Square One World media, New Eve looks to help women in search of hope through personal testimonies like Shamiram’s. By sharing the effects of war on her life, Shamiram hopes that women across the Middle East will find hope regardless of the hopeless situations they face.


“Then the war reached us and we saw horrible things that don’t even amount to what we see on TV or in movies.” Shamiram and her family watched as what felt like the works of science fiction took place in their own backyard. The stresses of battles, brutal killings, and the threat of torture —or worse —affected Shamiram’s family. So much so that her husband unexpectedly had a heart attack in 2011. After 20 days in a coma, he passed away.

The family relied on him for financial support so difficulties were inevitable. Yet, as Shamiram shared, there was hope. “God helped us.” Sometime later, things got worse when her son and daughter couldn’t go to work. The continuous explosions made working impossible. Yet, there was still hope. “The Lord saved us miraculously from many incidents that were a calamity to others.”

When the brutal and merciless militia, the Al-Nusra Front, invaded Shamiram’s street, there was still hope. It seemed as though there was no one to stop them as they approached Shamiram’s home. But Shamiram clung to her faith. “I had peace. I made breakfast and coffee and told my son and daughter to come and have breakfast. They were surprised at this. Shortly, the Syrian army came into our street and fought Al-Nusra Front militias all day until 8:00 pm. We watched the whole fight. The Lord saved us.”


As things got worse, Shamiram decided it was time to leave Syria. Even though the trip was perilous, Shamiram and her children left for a better life in Egypt with family. “Our trip to Egypt was full of missiles, snipers and fights along the way.” Still, there was hope. “The Lord protected us. I was afraid but I prayed all the time in the bus against these evil wars against us.” Miraculously, Shamiram and her family arrived in Egypt safely. “The people couldn’t believe we arrived safely from this road!”

Now Shamiram and her family feel safe and peaceful as they adjust to a new life in Egypt. And, thanks to her willingness to share her story, millions of women are finding hope despite the situations they are facing.

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