Life had become so difficult and painful for one 60-year-old widow and viewer of SAT-7  that she wanted to die. But while watching a live prayer and worship programme on SAT-7, God spoke to her and she felt compelled to call the show and share her story with presenter Maher Fayez.

“I have been a widow for 15 years. I am going through difficult and bitter times. The trials have been constant but the last five years have been the worst in my life. I’ve faced many problems that are so bitter I can’t talk about them now live on TV.  Yesterday I was praying to God and told Him that I felt useless. After 60 years, it’s enough, I can’t take it anymore. I want to rest. I was praying to God to take my life. I really want to die.

“But today I accidentally turned on the TV – I wasn’t planning on watching this programme – and I heard you singing the song ‘You shall not die’. This is the second time that God has sent me a message through you!”

Maher listened attentively to the woman, who nicknamed herself ‘Daughter of God’, before praying for her live on air:

“Lord we put our sister in Your hands. We have faith in Your mercies. Even though we don’t understand things, we know You, and know that You have the right to intervene at the right time with Your great care and mighty hands.  Give her grace, a testimony and a complete change in her life. Let Your daughter witness to Your great work, not just on this programme but everywhere she goes; to talk of a mighty God, a loving God, a God close to everyone who cries out to Him.”

Maher told her to have faith that she would call the programme again and testify to God’s grace in her life… Eighteen months later, she did!

“My nickname should be ‘Songs of Deliverance’,” she said. “This was the title of the episode that Maher Fayez presented on the day that I was praying to God to take my life.

“Today I am laughing but last year I was distraught while calling Maher. He told me that one day I’ll call again and witness to God’s work. He prayed to God to reach me and hold me and save me from all the pain.  So today is the day. Yes, today I must witness to the work of Christ in my life. I overcame many trials and I thank God for lifting off all the burdens I’ve had in the past.”


  • Give thanks for answered prayer and the amazing work of God’s grace in the life of this woman. Pray that this woman’s story will encourage others who are in situations of despair.
  • Pray that SAT-7’s live prayer and worship programmes, such as Keep on Singing (formerly We Will Sing), will draw those watching at home into a closer relationship with the Saviour. Pray for those leading worship – that God will use them to draw many people into his presence.
  • Pray for Samuel Farouk, the new host of the programme – that God will give him words of comfort and hope as he speaks with people on air. Use this Psalm to pray for viewers: “I will always praise you in the presence of your faithful people. And I will hope in your name, for your name is good.” Psalm 52:9
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